Discover the power of Influencer Insights, the ultimate tool for analyzing Instagram influencer profiles. Access valuable insights and statistics about any influencer you visit on Instagram.

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Our browser extension adds a compact and informative box to each influencer profile, displaying their average engagement rate, video statistics, and much more. No more guesswork or manual calculations, our advanced algorithm provides you with accurate and up-to-date data at your fingertips.


Stay ahead of the game by bookmarking your favorite influencers and tracking their performance over time. With Influencer Insights, you can easily identify the most successful and influential users on Instagram, and make informed decisions about your marketing strategy. Or keep tabs on Influencers you find interesting.

PRO version

Take your influencer analysis to the next level with Influencer Insights PRO. For just $7 a month, you'll unlock advanced features that allow you to track the growth and performance of your bookmarked influencers with ease.


Visualize each influencer's stats with interactive charts and graphs, providing a deeper understanding of their engagement and popularity over time. Easily compare influencer performance, spot trends and identify potential opportunities.


With the ability to download your bookmarked influencer data as a CSV file, you can now easily share your insights with colleagues, clients, or partners. Whether you're working on a social media campaign, preparing a report, or simply want to keep track of your favorite influencers, Influencer Insights PRO has you covered.